Shoei Whisper Kit - Suits: TZ-R, TZ-X, XR-1000 & XR-1100 - - shoei whisper strip kit


SHOEI Whisper Strip Kit for Motorcycle Helmet RAID II Xr1000 and Xr1100 for sale online | eBay shoei whisper strip kit

Shoei Whisper Strip Raid II / XR-1000 / XR-1100. (15). Shoei Whisper Strip suitable for the following Shoei helmets: . Shoei Cheek Pad Set XR-1100 / QWest.

Shoei Whisper Strip Accessory. Minimises the air that enters the helmet from underneath thus achieving significant noise reduction. Available for models Shoei.

The Shoei Whisper Kit consists of the Whisper Strip and Chin Curtain. The new Shoei whisper strip kit minimises the sound that penetrates the underside of the.