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pissy, adj.¹ — Green’s Dictionary of Slang pissy assed

pissy adj. 1. [piss n.] 1. soaked with urine; redolent of urine, usu in odour but . 2. (US, also piss-assed, pissy-assed, pissy pants) insignificant, useless, juvenile.

In compounds; pissy-ant (adj.) pissy-ass (adj.) (also piss-ass) [arse n. (4)/-ass sfx /-assed sfx]; pissy-eyed (adj.) pissy-tail (adj.) pissy weed (n.) [weed n.1 (4)] (US.

not. Another. Pissy-Assed. girl. My story began on January 12, 1944. I was my mother's third child and that day was a happy one for my dad, who wanted a son.