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Is it considerably more expensive than places such as Magaluf, Kos and other such places for nightlife? like how much is a pint and entrance to most clubs? Bars range from cheap in the west end and local bars (£1.30 a pint) to £8 a bottle or more in the clubs on big DJ nights.

Today, an evening away from the kids costs parents roughly $115, but in some cities it's much more expensive. plus two adult movie tickets at $8.17 a pop (the national average price, according to the National Association of.

Find out how much event-goers spend in a typical night out — and where, exactly, all that cash is going. If you’re in the nightlife event industry, catering to party-goers’ spending habits is a win-win. How much the average nightlife enthusiast spends on a night out (and on what).